You’ll get more holidays than people in many other professions. In school, full-time teachers work 195 days per year. For comparison, you’d work 227 days per year (on average) if you worked full time in an office.

Leading practitioner salaries

If you are an established and exceptional teacher, and regularly show the highest standards of classroom teaching, you can be put onto a higher pay scale.

Although they may not lead departments, leading practitioners coach and mentor other teachers and induct trainees and early career teachers.

Annual salaries for leading practitioners range from £47,417 to £72,085.

Teachers’ pension scheme

The teachers’ pension scheme is one of the most generous in the country. It is a ‘defined benefit’ pension and is:

  • Based on your teaching salary rather than the amount of money you pay in
  • Registered with HM revenue and customs- so your contributions are tax free
  • Flexible and allows you to take some of it as a tax-free lump sum